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We are “Word Artisans”, a team of young, but ambitious people whose mission is to promote achieving all stakeholders’ ultimate (communication) goals by facilitating both interlingual and intercultural exchange of information, experience, and values. Whatever it is that you are undertaking, we will gladly assist you in overcoming a language barrier. Our credentials, global experience and language proficiency all speak for themselves. Our team do not tolerate and never slip into complacency, since, as they say, there is always room for improvement. Thus, we are constantly polishing our linguistic, cultural and research competence as well as interpersonal skills.

Our company’s activities are governed by best practices and major principles long-established within the international community of language service providers. These are, first of all, accuracy and fidelity, impartiality, confidentiality, respect for all parties involved and diversity, maintenance of role boundaries and accountability for the quality of translation.

Our clients’ satisfaction is our highest priority, which compels the company’s striving for excellence and maintaining a splendid reputation. We are out there to enable understanding and empower you to make a difference. Our spheres of expertise comprise both oral and written translation. We specialize in both on-site interpreting and remote linguistic services (via telephone or videoconferencing). Our staff also provide cultural advising, linguistic support to businesses and similar language-related services.

We are currently located in Lviv and have clients all over Ukraine. Our company primarily works with English-Ukrainian language pair. However, other languages services may be available as we constantly keep expanding our expertise.

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