Conference and Event Interpreting

Conference interpreting is provided at a variety of small- or big-scale public events. These can be, for example, scientific or other conferences, conventions, forums, round-table discussions, workshops. In other words, these are events which take place in a conference type of setting. Such occasions, first of all, require oral translation of speeches or presentations. It may be either consecutive (an interpreter has to wait for a break before delivering a message to the audience) or simultaneous (nearly instantaneous reproduction of a speaker’s message from one language into another) in mode. The latter takes up almost twice as less time as consecutive interpreting. On the other hand, it requires special equipment, such as a soundproof booth, headphones, microphones, etc.

Interpreting which takes place while an interpreter sits next to one or a few persons and whispers the content of a message in the native language of listeners is known as “whispering” or “chuchotage”. This mode does not call for any special equipment. On the other hand, it may be quite distracting to the rest of the audience who understand the native language of a speaker.

Conference and event interpreting is strictly based on customers’ requirements. We select all our interpreters according to their specific industry or subject matter experience and skillfulness. We will make sure to identify the right interpreter to provide you with high quality performance.