Community and Escort Interpreting

Community interpreting is a type of language services also known as “dialogue interpreting”, “institutional interpreting” and “public service interpreting”. It is indispensable in a wide range of social spheres and everyday situations. Such situations are primarily characteristic of but not limited to housing, social security, medical, educational, legal areas, etc. This form of interpreting is usually done in a consecutive mode. An interpreter listens to one or more complete ideas, which a speaker expresses, and then reproduces the speech. In order to increase accuracy and completeness when translating a message, this form of interpreting allows for asking speakers to repeat, clarify or rephrase their message.

Escort interpreting, also known as “elbow interpreting”, takes place when an interpreter accompanies a client everywhere throughout a prearranged time.

We offer the language service of community and escort interpreting in relation to the following:
– public and other official institutions (civil registration offices, notary’s offices, police stations)
– courts
– medicine and healthcare (appointments at a doctor’s, medical tourism)
– tourism (sightseeing)
– educational institutions, etc.

We understand perfectly well that our clients expect community interpreters to not only be fluent in a language and a subject matter they are working with, but also knowledgeable about the specificities of public services involved. Our interpreters are keenly aware of cultural and other implications of this type of work. As a result, they always follow the Interpreter’s Code of Ethics and confidentiality principle as well as thoroughly prepare for each assignment.