Written Translation

Translation is a reproduction of written content into another language in a written form. During translation process, it is necessary to pay attention to numerous constraints. These are grammar rules of two languages involved, their writing conventions, context and cultural aspects. There is a widespread myth that the best way to translate is to use a simple word-for-word match. Also, some people think that translation is oftentimes just a mechanical process. In fact, it is much more than that. It may involve presenting an original text in a new way or introducing it to another culture with some adjustments. In some cases, it even requires creating something completely new.

Our translators ensure the production of accurate and timely translations. Our company works with almost any kind of written content. For instance, event, conference and promotional materials, documents, presentations, reports, articles, manuals, contracts, etc. We also provide a transcription service, which is putting down a script of oral speech, be it from an audio or video recording.

We realize the need for maintaining a uniform translation style and diligent work with terminology representing your sphere of activity. Whenever it is necessary, our translators use various additional sources of background information, which is critical to the production of a high-quality text translation. By no means do we neglect or avoid such an important stage as post-editing of a translation.