For the outstanding linguistic support to the Military Law and Order Service Use of Force Instructor Course, 24 April – 2 June, 2017.

Dave London,
Warrant officer,
Senior Use of Force Instructor

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NATO Military Police Centre of Excellence

Her huge experience and extraordinary engagement, as well as friendly demeanor, significantly helped the training event. She is highly qualified, presents very good command of English and it was a real pleasure to work with her. She brought a lot of energy and her personal engagement was indispensable what very positively influenced the outcome of the event. Let me also emphasize that our Centre expects to co-operate with you in the future and I personally share hope for mutual beneficial co-operation.

Tomasz Langnerowicz,
Lieutenant Colonel, POL A,
Acting Director

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Liliya Kushnir was able to clearly express my thoughts and expectations to the business people and farmers with whom we met in a manner that was both relevant and meaningful to them.

Lonny Smith,
Senior Business Development Manager,

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EBO Worldwide Network

During our co-operation she has shown traits both of a dedicated team-player and a dynamic leader, which is able to quickly organize, mobilize and softly lead the group in the necessary direction. She wins respect of others through her inner energy, integrity, ability to deeply understand people and unwavering desire to bring the best in her team. She has native ability for organization, mediation and diplomacy.

Hovhannes Igityan,
Managing Partner, European Business Organizations

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On behalf of the command of the National Guard of Ukraine, I express my sincere appreciation for the significant contribution to strengthening the cooperation between the Canadian Armed Forces and the National Guard of Ukraine, personal involvement in the formation of the NCO Corps in the National Guard of Ukraine and active work within the Writing Board on the design of the NGU NCO Corps training program.

Commander of the National Guard of Ukraine,
Colonel-General Y. V. Allerov

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Trainings for law enforcement bodies by the EU Mission

Based on my extensive experience of working with interpreters, all of Liliya’s work was and is of the highest possible standard. She is very open, clear and correct in all her communications, always checking understanding where required. She is punctual for any work she performs and she easily met the requirements of any task that she was given.

Detlev Quigley,
Adviser and Trainer on Public Order,
European Union Advisory Mission to Ukraine

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Joint Task Force-Ukraine, Roto 5

Ms. Bilyk’s competencies ranged far beyond mere interpretation. She possesses a unique ability to bring people and ideas together in the interests of the mission. She acted as a facilitator, maintaining communications with multiple levels of the NGU to ensure that tasks were completed and ideas communicated. Her oral interpretation skills always build understanding and bridge cultural divides, even when interpreting complex or technical language.

Major J.M. Kool,
Rotation 5, Liason officer to the NGU

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Build Green Maine

All instruction was delivered in English requiring voluminous and detailed translation by Ms. Kushnir. In addition to translating a wide battery of materials, providing real time translation for 8 hours each day, every day, for 3 weeks required extraordinary focus, talent and stamina.

George Callas,
General Manager

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Canonic Della Papale Basilica Di Santa Maria Maggiore

From the very beginning and during all time of our co-operation, Ms. Olesya has shown herself from the most positive side. She is a reliable and highly qualified professional, dedicated to her work. Despite the complexity and specifics of our texts, she always performs the work at the highest level.

Bishop Irynej,
Canonic of the Basilica Papale di Santa Maria Maggiore

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Studio Pilates Lviv

Liliya Kushnir has been collaborating with Studio Pilates Lviv for four years. During this time, she has proved to be a competent expert in the English language and a professional translator. L. Kushnir has completed for our studio numerous translations of publications, articles, training materials and videos related to fitness in general, as well as to such specialized fields as pilates, pilates equipment and functional training.

Tetyana Siroochenko,
Studio Pilates Lviv

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Sisters of the Holy Eucharist, UGCC

The Congregation of Sisters of the Holy Eucharist of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church recommends Olesya Bilyk for work connected with translation from Ukrainian into English and from English into Ukrainian. Olesya has been working with us for more than eight years. She produces translation from Ukrainian into English and from English into Ukrainian for our monastery. She does it professionally, of high quality and quickly. Being acquainted with her skilled work, we recommend others to co-operate with Olesya.

With respect and prayers,
Rafaila Kulyniak,
Head Prioress

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